Influenced Nightmare's

Influenced Nightmare's
The only way to survive in this world is for one to know his or her value. To determine what your contribution to creation will be. Once you identify with yourself, then you will be able to live, love and respect your brothers and sisters. We are very lucky to have survived the journey in the womb of the physical mother. When the odds were against us, we survived that hostile environment useful to our physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. We are now in the womb of the universe and we must make this hostile environment useful to our physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. Nobody knows all, each day we live, we learn. Life can be beautiful to those who investigate and come to the level of universal awareness. Don't let this cold world get you down. Be strong. I have stopped putting limitations on myself and what I can achieve. I know Im in a slump because I am lonely. I have no one to motivate me. My heart is a hundred miles away. I'm trying to find my direction in life. I've never been afraid to dream, for I've dreamt all my life. Through ups and downs I feel al though God has been there always with me. And with that feeling, I'm going to face this coming year with excitement. I'm going to play out the hand I have been dealt with. Each day will be like a blank page. I will fill it as I choose. From the smallest daily decision, to the largest hopes and plans. I will guard my thoughts on who I am and what people think I am. I won't let the crowd pressure me, I will stand for something...or I will fall for anything. I know that an over anxious spirit leads to error and I always think "peace, be still...with God, all things are possible". I have learned to choose my companions with care, because I will become what they are. I confirm that the change called death is only a gateway to life; that spirit was never born and therefore shall never die. My eyes are open with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child. I have learned to build my hopes on today as the future has a way of falling apart in mid flight because tomorrows ground can be too uncertain for plans. The only thing I know that's real is here and now and how I feel. The only way I know to learn, is to step into life and take my turn. The world is not kind but, life is fair. I have learned that in this world, only the living complain, that's why I thank the loving Master for the sunshine and for the rain. One day, I'll wake up all over again and I'll be in one place or another just to realize and finally discover that its only a test. The best or worst is yet to come, not just for me but for everyone. I've finally learned how much I'm blessed because I still have a chance to do my best. I love this dream....and its only a test. (fredcurry and quotespoems mixed up...borrowed stuff from mom's collection)
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