Broken doll...(Please Read original by teengodees)

Broken doll...(Please Read original by teengodees)
You always said that you loved me, but you were lying to me, you liked to abuse of me and hit me most of the times, everytime a man talked or smiled at me, whenever I used dresses and skirts you always said I was trying to get rid of you and would hit me if I didn't change my clothes inmediately... Why would you treat me this way if I only loved you, my eyes would never look another man,but still you abused... Why when our close friends and family were with us you seemed to be a complete different person, a man that was an wonderful lawyer and husband and when we were alone you became into this monster who would just treat me like trash and would hit me till you dropped and left me lying in the floor just like an broken doll... But however even you abused me, I always on the inside still loved you... But that night, a woman send you a letter that said "I await to have you in my arms again" , a woman called "Vannesa"... But still I acted like nothing had happened and I made you your favorite dish, a couple of minutes later you arrived and read the letter, hi sweetie, missed you soooo much!... I told you after giving you a kiss on your cheek... Hi? you say what's the meaning of this??? You dare to be untrue to me and leave the letter he sent you on our table???!!! said holding the letter that woman had sent you... What are you talking about, I'd never be untrue to you, I love you, I answered... Why you little!!! And after you said that you hitted me soo hard that I fell to the ground trying to fight back my own tears... But while I tried your grabbed me by the hair and threw me against the tableI grab a knife that was on the table and I slaughtered you and right after you fell on the floor trying to give your last breath I began to stab you until you stopped breathing... And after I dropped the knife while I was kneeling I sighed: It is time for me to stop being your broken doll...
erstellt von: Teengodees

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ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3493 Tage
awesome blingee and a heart breaking story. I do pray it's not true. Because I know about abuse. It hurts more the feeling then the body. 

wszystko sagt:

Vor 3493 Tage

朔蛇666 sagt:

Vor 3494 Tage
LoVe This!!!!!!!!!
Good Job!!!

mejserr sagt:

Vor 3494 Tage
OMG this is so intense... even for me, hehehehehe OMG!!!!!!!

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