[>Nelena Love Ep6-Last Episode<]

[>Nelena Love Ep6-Last Episode<]
~At the mall~ (*Miley*) So what happened between you and your mom when you got home?? (*Selena*) She yelled at me and told me that I was grounded, But I yelled at her back and told her I wasn’t and So I walked out of the room, called you, and well here we are. (*Miley*) -stops in the middle of the walk way- Wow, only been ‘friends’ for about an hour and your already like me.. Congrats! Listen, I want you to know that I am really sorry about all of this. I really like you Selena and I want to be friends with you for a long time! -sits down with Selena and looks at her- Nick is the type of guy that only wants the girl for the “bad news” -Selena gives confused look- Meaning, he only liked me because he thought that all I am doing is true, when its not. I pole dances for him, I did all of this crap for him. He paid me to do it all. He keeps coming back saying “Oh well Niley is back” but the truth is, is it is only for publicity.. Nothing more. I’m really sorry. The only reason I am still strong today about all of this is because he has done this to me for four years. The first year I was just like you, I believed him with every word he said. He told me he loved me and yet there was no feeling in his voice.. I figured it out the second year we were together, when he tried to bribe me to do things. But I didn’t like it.. I broke up with him and he told everyone I cheated… when I didn’t.. I really loved him and I really thought that we could be together forever but when he started doing that, everything changed. I got the money, I got the fame, and I got everything I wanted. I didn’t want to change any of it.. And now your in the spot I was in four years ago. Don’t let him change you like he changed me. Please Selena I hope your listening to all of this cause all of this is the truth. (*Selena*) I’m listening but it just doesn’t sound like the Nick I dated. How can he be so different? (*Miley*) The first year you date him he is like the god, you think he is the best thing ever in the world but once he thinks he has all trust in you and everything, he changes. He changes into the things we all hate in the world I am sorry.. (*Selena*) -stands up- Well then I think its time for the player to get played. Are you with me? (*Miley*) With you how?? (*Selena*) One of us date him and then the other start to date him while he is already dating the other. We both know he will do this…he would cheat on one of us and so we need to do this and we need to break his heart and make him the asshole he pretended not to be. We need to show this side of him and get him the most hated guy in the world! -they leave and start their plan- (*Selena and Miley*) NICK WILL HATE WHATS COMING TO HIM AND THERE IS NO WAY FOR HIM TO STOP IT! GET READY NICK!! {{{THE END!!!}}
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_rawr_lindsay_ sagt:

Vor 4495 Tage
Awww the end already? I loved the scheme of the story.

sabreen11 sagt:

Vor 4495 Tage

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