Dear God 2-23-2009

Dear God 2-23-2009
I like the song by The Fray that's on the radio now. It's about a guy who saw God sitting down 'smokin his last cigarette' and he says 'lost & insecure. you found me, you found me. lyin' on the floor..where were you, where were you. why'd you have to wait? where were you, where were you?! just a little late, but you found me, you found me'. God? I love that song. It's how I feel sometimes. But, I guess it means I'm clingy cause I know sometimes its supposed to feel like that but, sometimes, I think its not fair. I don't know...the song says something about 'you never left me no messages'..God? In a childish fit I would say that in my past, but way! I love you, and we're a work in progress. Please help me find a church, like a home. I'm scared to meet more people but, I know I have to. Please give me strength. God? Today, after I wrote in my journal, my grandma talked to me about You and peace within...Oh, do work through people and I am glad that I have my grandma. I feel like there's no one like her. {Chapter 18 of Purpose Driven Life; Experiencing life together: I need other's in my life} Well, this point in my life I need to be alone. I understand this chapter is about fellowship but, I ask You for guidance on this one. Because I want to make a difference in life. I want to tell young women that true beauty is being beautiful inside and that life isn't so much about relationship's & material''s about finding God, loving God with all your heart & working for God. I want to say this in a way that they understand. I want them to know how powerful God is without scaring them. Like, they should understand how God works through artist's like Kanye just to help us. God is in everything that makes me smile. God is in every blessing and God works through sinners & saints. I don't want to be perfect because I don't ever want to not need God. But, I have to try my best. I think whoever made the quotes 'Jesus is my homeboy' & 'What would Jesus do' are people God worked through to reach His people. I used to feel so weird for saying "we talk like this" but, now I don't. I am more aware now so I try to like watch what I say but, I know it's ok to include God in every part of my life. He's there anyway. Many people talk to themselves in their head and I do, too but I tell myself I am talking to God. I think sometimes God thinks I think too much....maybe He rolls His eyes & huffs...but I think we are here & some of us who seek God, take the blessing's we recieve & acknowledge them & we recognize that these are our very own miracles from God. If you've struggled your whole life but eat every night, God is working for you. When you realize you are blessed, blessing's will come. People today are poor and have cell phones and computers. God is everything I have ever wanted like the perfect mother, brother and friend. God's love is in the people who feed the ducks and the birds...there's more to life and I want it so bad...God? How can I help people in the meantime? If someone needs my help, I'll help them. Yesterday, a kid was at the gas station asking people for money. He was all bundled up because it was cold outside. I just gave him all my singles. The kid didn't even look at me or say thank you and my mom asked me why I did that, shaking her head. Well, it doesn't matter if he spends the money on something bad...what matters is he is outside, in the cold asking for money. Something must be wrong. Joel Osteen said 'God feeds the birds'. I'll never forget that. I also remember the time when those women were talking about thier purpse in life and I had no clue what mine was...I'm starting to get it now. Finally.
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aliceiris711 sagt:

Vor 4333 Tage
Sometimes, you explain my bling-geez better than i do. I also say true love is God...people can be blessed and find love. All love hurts and disappoints you but, not on purpose. That Heidi Montag chick should know there is a guy out there would thinks she's so beautiful, he'd never hurt her on purpose once. I know that about myself. I would never hurt a chick on purpose. (That's why I am single) True love is so deep most people have never had it or know what it feels like. They turn to X (sad)

mzselinakyle sagt:

Vor 4333 Tage
AMEN! lol it has NO ending... I always wonder about people who say that their love just "dissapated" or evaporated someplace lol. Ive had loves that I wanted to stop loving with everything in me and NOPE. lol. Its just something that stays. God is love. And for some reason, love is wonder why. lol.
Anyway love wont kill you! If you care for someone let it be. There are reasons beyond what we understand.. No it doesnt mean go be with them, just know you Loved.

aliceiris711 sagt:

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Bad Baby Girl 


aliceiris711 sagt:

Vor 4336 Tage
Dear God, 

What's my purpose in life?

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