far5871 sagt:

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watsonswalkers sagt:

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It is very hard to do these blingees. For 1 there is so many missing etc and it hurts. and for 2 it is hard when you know there never coming home, Like Adam and Caylee. And 3 well I cry every time I find a recovered body but no one has claimed.

bigdaddyweakley sagt:

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I do read every descriptions and sometime shave to put the lap top down & wait a moment then continue reading. U are an amazing & strong woman and i thank you very much for ur work. I am humbled (hugs)

bigdaddyweakley sagt:

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I always have a hard time with this and all the other amber alert blings, sorry if i dont comment, i usually get an upset stomache then cry, so no words ever come out! This has been so long, i am relieved for his family. But still very sick about it

guardian06 sagt:

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What a fantastic tribute to little Adam Walsh :-)  You did a superb job on this!

TGRAMS sagt:

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very beautiful! wonderful memorial blingee!

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