passionpussycat sagt:

Vor 263 Tage
i am tatespassionpussycat at picmix i hope to see you there!

BBB338 sagt:

Vor 263 Tage
Well said! Love you and will miss you! Prayers for you! I'm Mollycat2020 at PixMix--it is free and you can put up 3 challenges a week for free! Many of us are there!

2Cool4Me sagt:

Vor 264 Tage
so beautiful....I know I am so upset.  I miss everyone and also miss making blingee's so much.  Take care my sweet friend. Prayers for you and your family.  hugs Mary

ZaharaBlue sagt:

Vor 264 Tage
Beautiful  and well said. 5*

triveni53 sagt:

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Im at Picmix now.
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