Jet Fuel???

Jet Fuel???
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media says the towers fell because the temperature of the Jet fuel was strong enough to melt steel.. Steel melts at 2750 degrees Farenheit and Jet Fuel burns at 1800 degrees Farenheit.. ...what the heck is wrong with that picture? Look up the owner of the towers. He actually opened insurance on the towers in case of crashes a few weeks before hand, not only that but he gave the order to "pull" (controlled demolition) tower 7 .. so if he gave that permission, what brought tower 1 and 2 down so QUICK? There are photos of explosions inside right at the demolition spots as well as accounts from survivors, police, firemen, news reporters etc that say the bombs were going off inside.. the media just believed that the towers fell that easily forgetting that steel can't melt that quickly and it cannot melt at that low a temperature... investigate 911 Just FYI
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