♥Sometimes goodbye, leads to a better hello♥


I Got Top 10 (red carpet): http://blingee.com/blingee/view/121256918-Silly-Amanda?owner=totalypink&;

              Blingees Made For Me

             ~ Twilightfan_97
-----> Thank you so much, i miss her so much!

             ~ Mousey
-----> Thank you very very much, i love it so much!

             ~ Mousey
-----> Thank you SOOO much besties ILY

             ~ Angela3747
-----> OMG Thank you a million times! Your an amazing friend too!

             ~ Taylorxoxo89
-----> ILYSM! I'm gonna cry! now lets go cry and eat cookies together xD

             ~ Taylorgirl1234
-----> awwwwh thanksies soo much you may be a new friend but I hope we become closer. I Lurve your story your so Talented, your so nice! <3

             ~ Mousey
-----> Thank you sooo much you have been the sweetest I could ever ask for thank you sooo much rita my bestie!

             ~ Angela3747
-----> Your the best thank you sooo much this is beautiful, your so talented!

             ~ Aniese
-----> awwwhh thank you so much! this means so much to me! I love it!!
                  Hackerss ;)

Hiyaa!  It's taylor here! Yea i'm Hacking youuuuu xD 
ILYSM♥  you were my first friend on Blingee! and we have gotten so much closer and i am GLAD. cause, you're amazinggggg! funny, and just amazing oh && awesome ;) <3 we have a lot in comman. Were Ninjas Yooo! Beware we will steal your Grandmother's Cookies (: hahahhaaaa :P LOVE YOUU! ♥ ♥ 
Bye Bye. 

Hellowwww..... It's Dilly;P
Ok, so where do I start with this girl?
She's sooo damn sweet and cute that you'll wanna jump throung the screen and eat her up when you're talking to her, lol;P
She's hella funny, amaziing and friggin' awsome!!
I could write all about her and how Amazing she is but actully I only need 3 words to decribe what I feel about her:
I Love You♥ 

•══•♥•════════•♥•════════•♥•════════•♥•════════•♥•══•Hi! It's your man Justin Bieber, wanna get married? I just filed for divorce in California:D You're pretty..wanna snuggle? LOL jk its kailey (kaileychicago) i'm not Justin Bieber (sorry fan-girls!) Well this girl over here (Mrs.Bieber/Mrs.Cullen) is awesome! Even though I am close to murdering her with my laugh attacks [If I were a pokemon i'd have like 120 hp!] she still lives..as of now. She is frucking sweet and even though she likes Taylor Lautner like me *hold back jealousy* I'm..fin- nevermind Taylor Lautner is freaking mine! But you could have Edward Cullen since puppy backed out. Anyways, on foopets.com she was like my little sister in their. Always sweet-as of right now innocent (I can change that!) She is a great friend who messaged that idiot on that now money hungry stupid greedy website {foopets.com btw never join xD} Anyways, there ya go TL. I hope you're life is full of music and happiness. And Edward Cullen because Taylor lautner is mine! -kailey.

            ☮Peace ♥ Love ツSmile


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Tyler Lockwood amd Caroline Forbes, from The Vampire Diaries.
Damon and Elena <3 <3
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twi91 sagt:

Vor 2867 days
This is for you!

Hope you like it! Merry Christmas ;)

christina15F sagt:

Vor 2880 days

Kaileychicago sagt:

Vor 3038 days
Brain anurism. 

Yeskel sagt:

Vor 3039 days
Hi ! Please join my group :)
> http://blingee.com/group/78676 < 
I will do my 1st contest. I hope you will participate !
Thank you in advance !! Bye bye ;)

Taylorgirl1234 sagt:

Vor 3049 days
Hi!(: Long time no talk, huh? We haven't talked in like forever. Do you still remember me?

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