You know I'm the best, always.

I'm awsome, I'm crazy, I'm all around fun. am a person of class, sass, smiles and styles. You can call me ~*~obnoxious and annoying~*~, and I’ll call you boring and stand-offish. I’m stubborn, impatient, and intolerant.I’m bouncy and sometimes completly blank But ya know, thats me. I am incaiciably funny, and make up my own words. Such as ooshecaba. (OO- she- CA- ba.), which means oops I fell down. I have issues with school halls. They trip me. Alot. I tripped 6 times today. I’m 4’ 8" and 1/2 of pure fun. Yes, the half inch matters. To me. If you ask anyone i the school, they will no my name. Maybe because I’m smart, or funny. Or maybe because I annoy the heck out off them. ~*~But they still know my name.~*~ I know I’m a loser, and I love doing it and am good at it too, and thats what matters.


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