About Me!!!!! and my life!!!

my real name is maria im 9

 years old and i love sports and love to shop!!! i pLAY SOFTBALL AnD Love my Haters <3 I HAVE  AN ANOYING NEIGhber her name is brianna  jk jk jk!!!!!   i love my mom and dad i have an amazing sister named solis she is so goood at softball that is were i learned my moves from!!!!! i thank her for that I hAvE ANOTHER sIsTER named jasmine she loves pink and is a cheerleader freak!!!!!! i look just like my grandma thats why my mom alwys calls me her mom!!!! my best friend is allyssa T. she was the first friend i met at my new school!!!!!!!!<3 i also have to brothers that are so anoying!!!!!!!but i love them<3! well have to go peace out!!<3.


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