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Married to a wonderful man. Have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren who I adore. I am 57 years old and disabled. I love making blingees and making wonderful friends. My computer went on the blink today and I lost all of my previous information which includes all my past blingees and friends. If you recognize me by my blingee designs please include me in your group or add me to your circle. I am sick about this but it is not the end of the world. Worst things could happen. I am starting all over but will be able to rebuild my cirlce because I can remember some of my most talented and best friends. See ya soon!


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shihtzus sagt:

Vor 2118 Tage
Hello everyone!!!
One of our members Anastasia (soave) was kind enough to offer to do our next Challenge!!!  

The new challenge is Pink and Purple Vintage.  
I hope you can all join!!!!

Please enter your entries at the link below!

A very special Thank you to Anastasia for offering to use her credits and run this challenge!!!
Love and hugs to All!!!
Happy Blinging!!!!

shihtzus sagt:

Vor 2166 Tage
Hello!  There is a new group challenge for the Pink and Purple Group!  It is "Pink and Purple Betty Boop Thank You Card".
I hope you will join.   Please let me know if you have any questions!  Please use this link to enter the challenge!
Love and Greetings to All!  Pam

Tirsah sagt:

Vor 2383 Tage
Wish you a very happy Christmas, my dear friend!
Many hugs,

Tirsah sagt:

Vor 2386 Tage
Hi Sharon!
Welcome to my circle of friends. I was a little surprised, for I already have Sharontate52 in my circle. Are you the same one? 52 still has all the blingees! ;-) Perhaps the blingee team knows a way to get them back to you.
Many hugs, Gerlene

sharontate57 sagt:

Vor 2387 Tage
Thanks Joycie for the input. I will definitely try to do this. I have a laptop and wondered if it would work on it. I think it is a matter of sign on information keeping me from getting back on. Have a wonderful day. Hugs sweetie!

Joycieoh sagt:

Vor 2387 Tage
Hi Sharon that is so terrible  you lost  all  your  info on your account...i just  looked on your  old account &  we can still view  all i thought  maybe  the  blingee team can  transfer  all  your  previous  stuff  to  new account...i would write to them  & explain to them  what  happened  & see  if they can  help  you.

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