Norwegian blonde

I'm glad to be back in Blingee-land again!

For a while, life and a VEEEEERY slow internetconnection has conspired to keep me away... Now I've managed to find my way back, and I find that I've truly missed this place! I hope to reconnect with old friends, and mabe make some new. And I'm sure this place is every bit as addictive as it used to be......! =)

Mad about horses!
I am truly passionate about horses. These wonderful animals have been a part of my life since I was nine years old, and I cannot imagine living without them! Many of my blingees are made with images of horses- some of them my own, or horses that I know. I'm also very fond of unicorns, faeries and everything magical and mystical :) I've become a real blingee-addict, this site is a great place for creative fun and also for meeting new and friendly people. There is so much wonderful and inspirational creativity here, I'm in awe of so much of what I've seen! I'm glad I came upon this site, I'm having a real good time here!


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debby80 sagt:

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hola tengo apero una nueva competición, yo espero que participa
hello I have apero a new competition, I hope that it participates

karen0428 sagt:

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KMBJTH sagt:

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Hi there!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!;offset=0

mitzi26 sagt:

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Come Join The Fun...


mitzi26 sagt:

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♥  ~ * ~  ♥  ~ * ~  ♥  ~ * ~  ♥ ~ * ~  ♥  

Lynn Needs Our Prayers...

♥  ~ * ~  ♥  ~ * ~  ♥  ~ * ~  ♥ ~ * ~  ♥ 

mitzi26 sagt:

Vor 3336 Tage
Yayyyyyy! You deserve it girl! Your creations are so Beautiful! 

Big Besosssss! 

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