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I'm still trying to make my blingee's better. I think I'm getting better though. 

Turn On's : Nice people, fun people, creativity and beauty. 

Turn Off's: Tan lines, negative people, people that give you one star when they vote on your blingee cuz they are A**holes! 

Ambitions: To always help animals, get my Criminal Justice/Psychology degree and get my Pharmacy Technology Certificate. I'd like to learn about Vet Tech too! 

♥♥♥ So, Leave some comments, show me love!!!! ♥♥♥

P..S.. No mean people!!!! 


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watsonswalkers sagt:

Vor 3647 Tage
Hello, Debora will  be out for a few days so she wanted  me to let you all know that the competition will be ending on Wednesday, June 3rd and the winner will be picked on Friday, June 5th.  
Oh, and whoever the winner is, they will be able to pick the next challenge. You still have time to enter yours.

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 3652 Tage
What do you know?? I'm finally getting the 1st challenge & topic underway...LoL
Here are the links to both =^_^=


And here's the link to the 1st group forum topic:


Hope you have a blessed & wonderful day and Good Luck :-)



Vor 3677 Tage
I would like to introduce Heavens Newest Angel and to ask for your help to pass this blingee around to get as many prayers going for her mom as soon as possible. McKinley was sent to earth on 9-22-08 and became an Angel on 04-27-09. Not only losing a child is hard, but she faces Mothers Day and McKinley what would have been her first birthday in Sept. So please say a prayer and stop by and meet HEAVENS NEWEST ANGEL. http://blingee.com/blingee/view/89682848-In-Memory-of-McKinley

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 3715 Tage
!!URGENT!!  Please take the time to look at this & pass it around to all your friends! 

Thank you & God bless

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 3757 Tage

Group competition for new group icon :-)
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Good Luck!!

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 3764 Tage
Urgent! http://blingee.com/group/21816/topic/20881-Mommybecky36-Needs-Our-Prayers-
Please send any prayer request to the link I just posted. You can make a blingee or just leave a text. Little Noah & mommybecky36 need all the help they can get!
Remember...Prayer DOES work!

Thank You & God Bless :-)

watsonswalkers sagt:

Vor 3776 Tage
NEW Contest at Amber Alert Children & The Missing
Please check this out and say I WILL.

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