Well. How can I delete my account? -_-"


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lua17 sagt:

Vor 3302 Tage
Hello! I'm here to let an advertising of a new group, just opened ... we are looking for members (possibly active) for grow in number...

 ° •. You are crazy about Inuyasha. • °
    ° •. Dragon Ball and Shaman King. • °
    ° •. What are you waiting!. • °
 ° •. • °

 Come and see ... is a particular group ... would you do me a favor :)

Sissi2000 sagt:

Vor 3368 Tage
Vai pazza per Shaman King???
Allora che aspetti!
Benvenuto sciamano!!

Sakura_1216 sagt:

Vor 3922 Tage
Me too I love naruto

nika94_queen24 sagt:

Vor 4346 Tage
Ciao! :)
Visto ke sei iscritta, xkè nn vieni a partecipare a questo bel gruppo?
Noi ci divertiamo tanto!! :)
Se nn verrai sarò costretta ad eliminarti
ti aspetto!

Ashl21 sagt:

Vor 4411 Tage
ciaO!!! c'è una grande nOvità nel gruppO!!! -->
partecipa! kix^^

nettiex sagt:

Vor 4438 Tage
Destiny - I found it on Google x)

DestinyGusman1 sagt:

Vor 4438 Tage
How did you find the NaruSaku4ever Blingee?

DestinyGusman1 sagt:

Vor 4481 Tage
I like your Naruto Blingees like Naruto's dad with the three stars and Naruto team 7.

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