Soy una persona, frontal, directa y sin mentiras. Loca de la vida,alegre, respetuosa........


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mi bebe kevin
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Gabi♥ sagt:

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Hola! Gracias por aceptarme como amigo ... Sé tu perfil en myspace y me parece una persona muy agradable. Usted tiene una buena selección de actores, con Jeff, estoy de acuerdo que es muy hermosa!
Gracias ... ¡Salud!

eddiesgoddess sagt:

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Hello it's been a long time. This summer has been busy busy for me. I've not had time to take out and rate my friends for their hard work. Today I made sometime to do just that. I'm sorry, please forgive the lateness of my comments. Please if you could take a few moments of your day and repay the favor. Thanks Shella

blinker1968 sagt:

Vor 3707 Tage
Thanks for joining my group of flower lovers,
feel free to add as many blingees as you want to


eddiesgoddess sagt:

Vor 3744 Tage
This Blingee is made for all my friends who make me who I am on here!! Without you my pics wouldn't be anything. It's your ratings and comments that make my day!!! Thank You!!!

eddiesgoddess sagt:

Vor 3751 Tage
hello again!!! Could you please do me a favor my mother just joined blingee not to long ago and she has no one but me in her circle. If you could take a few moments out of your day and check out her pics and rate them and maybe invite her as a friend!! thank you!!!

eddiesgoddess sagt:

Vor 3753 Tage
Hello I know I don't get a chance to comment on all my friends blingee's as much as I'd love to. With 3 kids I barely find time to bling myself lol. I am just stopping by to say HI!! I am going to take time today and comment on your blingee's!! Thanks for all your comments on mine!!! 

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