im me and thats that

ok so im a mom of five Im a volunteer firefighter MRT have been for close to 20 years I practically live on myspace look me up and add me if you want I always luv to add more friends you can find me as sweet kahlua baby.. I wanna make my millions buy lots of land and have all my family and friends build houses on it.. I love all my pets I have 2 chihuahua's a golden retriever a border collie and a min pin oh and we have fish too we did have a cat but my son took him when he moved out .. LOL so yup im a busy gal but I love it I wouldnt want it any other way ... 


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baby Ady
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guardian06 sagt:

Vor 4217 Tage
AMBER ALERT-Missing TODAY! Please pass this along. Let's get these kids home today!

Thank You & God Bless

SpongiGirly sagt:

Vor 4336 Tage
Great Bllingees I like them .!^^ vote please for mine too.^^ SpongiGirly

CINDYLOU951 sagt:

Vor 4434 Tage
happy holidays are blingees are the best 

guardian06 sagt:

Vor 4604 Tage
I made a little special something for my friends...Just follow the link


CINDYLOU951 sagt:

Vor 4633 Tage
hello vote on my blingees thanks

Haidee110034 sagt:

Vor 4680 Tage
could you help me???
how can i make a background for a picture of me?
for example:
if i have a picture of me and the background of it is a sea.
how can i make as the background for example a house?
please help me
write the answer in my guestboo

maryannesabatino sagt:

Vor 4686 Tage
Happy Easter!

selella sagt:

Vor 4687 Tage
ciao...sono una ragazza italiana e penso che i tuoi blengee..siano perfetti mi ha colpito soprattutto il tuo primo posto complimenti vorrei essere aggiunta nella tua lista di amici..bye bye..selenia

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