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Me and my parents own yard [not open to the public, I don't really know why...) Out of the 20ish horses we have, I own 8 of them.
1] Echo - a 30 year old male [gelding] Piebald Gypsy Vanner. Best friends with Patch and Molly.
2] Crunchie - a 6 year old male [gelding] Chestnut Connemara. Best friends with Sunshine as they are both equally grumpy. Not very sociable, only with me and does not get along with Pepsi as he kicks her and bites her.
3] Pepsi - a 5 year old female Black Nokota with a white star on her forehead. Best friends with Flute and Pebbles. Does not get along with Crunchie as he kicks and bites her when she gets close to him.
4] Flute - an 11 year old female [Black of course] Friesian. Best friends with Pepsi and Pebbles.
5] Pebbles - a 4 year old female Flaxen Chestnut Quarter Horse with a white blaze down her head. Best friends with Pepsi and Flute.
6]  Patch - a 10 month female Bay Tobiano Shetland Pony.*
7] Flash - a 4 year old male [gelding] Liver Chestnut Akhal-Teke with a white stripe on his forehead. Best friends with Cheeky.
8] Cheeky - a 6 year old male [gelding] Strawberry Roan Welsh Pony.  He definitely lives up to his name, one day I found him loose on the yard [having escaped from his headcollar again...] eating the grumpiest horse on the yard's feed, boy did that end well: for both of us I ended up getting kicked in the stomach and Cheeky ended up being bitten by Sunshine a 4 year old female Cherry Bay retired Thoroughbred racehorse [retired early due to snapped tendon in the leg]. After that, we always keep him in his stable with the top and bottom bolt done up, even if he is just resting between rides [we used to leave him tied up in the back yard]. Best friends with Flash.

R.I.P Smokey - a 7 year old male Dapple grey Shetland Pony, died of getting colic: we found him in the middle of the night kicking his stomach, we called the vet but she said there was nothing she could do for him as we found him too late - the vet then put him to sleep to ease the pain...

*Dam [mother]: Molly - a 7 year old female Dark Bay Shetland Pony. Sire [father]: Fire - a 7 year old male Bay Tobiano Shetland Pony. [Patch's mother and father are both my little sisters ponies [she is only 4 and a half] and she gave her to me as she didn't know how to look after a foal.


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Get better soon Sam!!!!!!!!
Juniper and Minnie
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