never give up and good luck will find you!

we're all winners tonite!!! 


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bitani49 sagt:

Vor 17 Tage
Hello, how are you? 

I got a friend request from this account a while back, not sure how long since Blingee doesn't show dates on friend requests. Sorry for not getting back to you any time sooner, I'm no longer very active on here unfortunately. I was wondering if we knew each other from previous accounts before you sent me this request? If not, hello!

criqket sagt:

Vor 38 Tage

bluef00t sagt:

Vor 103 Tage
I can't reply to your post on my profile so I'm saying hi back here. :P

bedtimebaby sagt:

Vor 129 Tage
hi bestest friend!! (imagine there is a picture of a kewpie here)

theswanprince... sagt:

Vor 237 Tage
hi want to be friends

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