I'm googleegaga. I am hispanic(central american to be more specific). I'm from(born and raised) northern Texas,USA.I love Starbucks and movies and computers and Wendy's. This(blingee)and YouTube are my favorite websites. I have a yorkshire terrier dog named Chewy and I wish I had a cat or a second dog, too.
Favorite Movies: Iron Man;Tangled;Spiderman movies;Planet of the Apes;X-Men movies;Twilight saga;PJO:The Lightning Theif; Grown Ups;Rio
Favorite TV Shows: Zeke&Luther;Suite Life On Deck
; George Lopez;My Wife and Kids
Favorite Books: Twilight books and Percy Jackson books.
Favorite Music Artists: Lady Gaga; Eminem; Fall Out Boy; Green Day; Katy Perry;Ke$ha;Rihanna;Chris Brown;Lil Wayne;Taylor Swift;Kanye West
Favorite Youtubers: nigahiga;RayWilliamJohnson;ShaneDawsonTV;HeyItsMilly;smosh
Marvel or DC:Marvel
Favorite Marvel Hero:Gambit
Favorite Marvel Villain:Loki
Favorite God(Percy Jackson and Olympians):Apollo
Favorite Games:Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption
Dogs or Cats:Dogs
Favorite Dog Breed:Doberman Pinscher
Feel free to add me because I accept all friend requests. Everybody deserves a friend!

 Thanks for reading my favorites!


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Corpse Bride <3
Corpse Bride <3
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AnimeFan456 sagt:

Vor 2812 Tage

thx for you the friendship accept!!!^^

hoe are you???^^

jasmina461 sagt:

Vor 2885 Tage
beautiful blingee's :))

Ashtray6Girl sagt:

Vor 3148 Tage
Hi! I create a new group, it's for your the best, beautiful & favourite blingee. Would you like to join it?

invincibleChild sagt:

Vor 3188 Tage
Sorry, I wasn't online in last time. But I've final examination and am stressed out.

invincibleChild sagt:

Vor 3207 Tage
Happy Halloween my dear friend

invincibleChild sagt:

Vor 3216 Tage
hun, you're always welcome. Thank you so much for your so kind comment, my friend. <3

invincibleChild sagt:

Vor 3241 Tage
thank you so much for the nice comment

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