Hi there.

Call me Kuyi. I'm 17 years old girl, I live in the village. 
I'm not accepting friend requests anymore. It doesn't matter if you are in my friend list or not, I'm not going to talk with you.
I'm here sometimes...

I'm making Blingee here since 2008 :) 


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maria3imi sagt:

Vor 2251 Tage
bienvenida a mi circulo espero que seamos buenos amigos y aquí te dejo algunas de mis creaciones;

ChibiJenova sagt:

Vor 3116 Tage
Thank you for joining my FINAL FANTASY VII lovers group. ^^

ChibiJenova sagt:

Vor 3118 Tage
Thank you for joining my circle. ^^

I see that you like Final Fantasy. Would you like to join my FINAL FANTASY VII lovers group?

Have a nice day. :)

❣❀❤ℓαяααηgєℓ❥❀❣ sagt:

Vor 3159 Tage
hey, please come in my new group
and send it other friends please :D
thank you

Ashtray6Girl sagt:

Vor 3254 Tage
Hi! I create a new group, it's for your the best, beautiful & favourite blingee. Would you like to join it?

laurah12x sagt:

Vor 3377 Tage
hahah diky ze si komentovala na blingee :) ♥

 ako sa mame  ? ♥

laurah12x sagt:

Vor 3381 Tage
Teplo ? Niee co si ...

Bff co isla teraz nas5 na sk , (predvcerom)

Ta pise teraz na skype ze je strasne horuco ..

A tu v BE len dnes vyslo slnko, sakra :@ 


laurah12x sagt:

Vor 3382 Tage
V belgicku je uplne iny zivot , 
chapes viac volnosti atd .
Keby si tu bola aj ty tak prv je to ties tazke
 , ale potom si nato zvyknes 
Vsimla si si urcite ze 
neviem az tak dobre Sk ?
 lebo som tu uz 6rokov

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