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Hi, my name is Elarn.
I like skateboarding, playing my DS (DSi XL), music, dancing, songwriting, movie writing, singing and being quirky. I'm a tomboy. I am an Australian. My birthday is 19 of August 1997. One thing my blingee friends already know about me is that I love everyone in this world except my ex-friends. Even if I don't know you I love you. 
   I have two best friends. I'm one of those teenagers that can't stand Justin Bieber. I love the Veronicas. I like Avril Lavigne's style. Blingee is so cool, I love it. My favourite quote is 'there's a fine line between best friends and worst enemies.'
   I will accept any friend request that I receive. I will join any group you invite me to.
  I thank you for rating and commenting on my blingees, I enjoy reading them. Just to let you know, I like it when people comment on the description not the blingee. I don't know why but I just like it that way. If you add a description to your blingees, I'll read it and comment on it instead of the blingee. 
  If you ever need me or want me, comment me, I'm on for at least 2 hours a day. You'll reach my in a flash.
   Can someone please go through my blingees and vote them? I really want my old blingees to be rated gold so I can get badges. If you go that for me, leave me a comment on my profile saying that you did it and I'll do the same for you.  

There's a fine line between best friends and worst enemies.

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lousei sagt:

Vor 3324 days
For You Dear elarnaisthebest♥
I wish you a nice day my friends❤, With sun shine, with you famielie and loved ones!

lousei sagt:

Vor 3344 days

lousei sagt:

Vor 3375 days
     /'\   /'\FOR YOU
    (/\ \/ /\)♥http://bln.gs/b/214wq7
       )6 6(
   >{= Y =}<     

lousei sagt:

Vor 3488 days
♥  ♥  ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR ♥  ♥  ♥
 `♥¸       ♥ Dear ♥        ¸♥
     ♥«´¨`• FRIEND  •´¨`»♥
FOR YOU♥  http://bln.gs/b/1x4na6

Elise728 sagt:

Vor 3516 days
welcom in my friends !

lousei sagt:

Vor 3516 days

lousei sagt:

Vor 3516 days
you have the image you want to save as poison first cut, then the image on something else or back up and store all poison etc. UnFREEz than 2.1 in order and then pick the time of istelen Over and trying how he comes out to see the best, you have the animated stamp yet! It is a lot of work at all,


lousei sagt:

Vor 3516 days
Hi to stamp Bage tekrijgen you a nice picture uplood poison and when they are 100 times you will get the Bage. To make yourself a stamp you have two programs on your computer such as Adobe Photoshop and Un FREEZ 2.1 (poison animation maker). 

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