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Okay first of all I am one of the most concieted people in this lil area of which I live, and I love it.  At times I even wanna marry myself, lol.  But otherwise I got an adorable puppy, hanster, and rabbit.  My mom also has an adorable dog.

*`*~*`* NEXT WWE *`*~*`*


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ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3575 Tage
Hello Bille I Pray all has been good. I was just hoping you still got on. I would love to know how your Mom is doing? You are all in my prayers and thoughts Thank you Ilsa

ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3748 Tage
Thanks. Glad your in your new place. Have fun unpacking. Sorry to hear no net; tell your mom I'll miss her till she get's back. PS no more speeding LOL

ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3839 Tage
Your welcome hope your Birthday was great. I have another blingee in mind for you but now it will have to wait tillI have Blingee Pluse again. 

ilsabailey sagt:

Vor 3842 Tage
Hello I'm Ilsa CaveyJane's friend and I'm hoping you are Billie

Lunylove sagt:

Vor 3858 Tage

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