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I'm a female!
I'm Zoey Hernandez!
21 years old!
I'm 5'6!
Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden!
Birthday is 16 July!
In a relationship!
I'm a Cancer!
I speak Swedish, English and Spanish!
I have one sister, she's my sora-chan! (Teodora Crescent Valentine)


This account is only for one Blingee a day. Idea was given to me by my sora-chan. Username idea was given to me by my mum. Since Blingee is  very addicting even for me. And I usually wait for my Blingees to reach a certain amount of votes before I can continue, on my main. And this account I will mainly focus on things I love, since this was another reason behind this idea that my sora-chan had. Same as my anniversary account, my main account will do the votes, comments and the group contests. Hope you all will enjoy.


Blingee account started  on 24th June, 2019.


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Day Six: Our Day Soon
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Klaudia_1998_ sagt:

Vor 21 Tage
Hi! Welcome to my circle :) 

ZaharaBlue sagt:

Vor 23 Tage
Hello and welcome to my circle of friends.

sniper.of.sag... sagt:

Vor 24 Tage
I bet! ;v;

sniper.of.sag... sagt:

Vor 24 Tage
That is too deep! ;v;

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