I'll probally never be happy until...

DO NOT PUT ANY OF MY BLINGEES ON PHOTOBUCKET WITHOUT PERMISSION. Honestly, I found a whole bunch of them on Photobucket, so if you are a person whp put them on Photobucket, then I can find them really easily.

Hiya, welcome to my Blingee profile.

I really like anime such as Shugo Chara, Megaman/Rockman, Rozen Maiden, Vampire Knight, and Dinosaur King.

I used to like Pokemon, but not so much anymore. That's why my username is SunrayEspeon.

More info about me:
Gender:I'm a girl...but not girly. I am absolutely 0% (percent) girly.
Name: Misuki
Language:Japanese, my name is a Japanese name...I also speak French (A little), German, Spanish, English (If you haven't noticed...), and obviously Japanese...
My birthday is on November the 28th.

My favorite anime characters are...:
Rockman/Megaman: Chaud/Enzan
Shugo Chara:Amu, Nadeshiko, and Ikuto.
Favorite Charas:Kiran, Ran, and Dia.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Mikuru, and Haruhi.
Rozen Maiden:Suisuiseki
That's so far it for now...I won't list so many.
I also like other animes as well...just ask if you want to know what other animes I like...

I did not make the pictures used for my Blingees. I got them of DeviantArt, Google, and other websites such as Photobucket.


That's it for now. I'll take Blingee requests as well.



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Shugo Chara-Amu, Ikuto and Utau~
Anime Fairy Lake
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JuukaRockmanR... sagt:

Vor 1050 Tage
Happy Birthday Misuki. You probably won't see this but I want to post it anyway. It's been such a long time and I just. I guess I just really miss you. I hope you're having a good birthday, wherever you are.

JuukaRockmanR... sagt:

Vor 1271 Tage
Regardless of whether or not you're here, I just want to post on your wall.

I cling onto this dim hope that you're still out there somewhere. I've been trying to look for you for the past six years but I continue to run into a dead end. 

I'm not giving up. I'll keep searching for you. Until then, please wait for me.

JuukaRockmanR... sagt:

Vor 1298 Tage
This is the only place left where I can find you.

Misuki, I'm so sorry for everything you went through back then... I doubt you'd see this, but I just want to be able to see you again. 

AeonEsperKyo sagt:

Vor 2066 Tage
Heeey, not sure if you still even sign in anymore, but if you're familiar with an old youtube account, "ultimategamer3000", you might be interested in getting back to me :3

kekka-stellina sagt:

Vor 2633 Tage
Mi potete votare???
Grazie e non esitate a chiedere: ricambio volentieri!!!!
Ciao! <3

coolgirls12 sagt:

Vor 3417 Tage
misuki konnichiwa (n_n)
genki desuka? =)

ami97 sagt:

Vor 3455 Tage

thanks ♥

xXMaryBXx sagt:

Vor 3474 Tage
When are you coming back? I want to be your friend on Blingee!!!

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