live right now. just be yourself. it doesn't matter if you're good enough for someone else.

its ME.
the FREAK you've all been waiting for.
....yeah right.
im sorry im a bit braindead right now. didnt get any sleep. um..i dont know why i joined this thing, but i guess i like art and colours that pop. by the username was supposed to be "pain is weakness leaving the body", but i thought it was too yeah.

a bit about me:

i am a girl.
i am a teenager.
i am catholic and i love God more than anything. 
i am NOT preppy. ew.
i am short and rather underweight. x_X
i had brown hair at one point..but i just dyed it back to black and purple. and yes, it is fried.
i am addicted to vampire freaks.
i dont label myself or anyone else
i have at least 46 fav bands..still counting.
my fav movie is underworld nd paranormal activity (both)
i do not have a bf
i do not have a fb
i laugh when people say "I HATE YOU"
i draw on everything nd anything
....u dont need to know my name.....
....u dont need to see pics of me...personality is bettr thn looks :P

ill add more later



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Awesome User name! and blingees 

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