pls leave me comments if you visit my page! thx ;)

~my friendz =)
~nights & darkness <333 i love it so walk around in the night and to scare people xD
~and the night sky is sooo beautiful with the stars and the moon =) especially if it is a full moon <33333 *g*
~partyyy xD
~saufen ^-^
~freibaaad! =)
~music <333: (Melodic- , Industrial-) Deathmetal, Blackmetal, Viking Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock'n'Roll, Goth, ... I'm a music freak =]

And I'm from germany :)


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Merry Christmas =)
I <3 U
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jaclineb. sagt:

Vor 3255 Tage
❥Լ㋡ƔЄ & றԱઈİç ❤

I like your profile and your blingees.  You must be very nice!
Wish you an very beautiful week...and full of good things. please, don't look my bad english!:S
Kisses from France :D

❥Լ㋡ƔЄ & றԱઈİç ❤

martacoka sagt:

Vor 3857 Tage

weqt sagt:

Vor 4316 Tage
nice bligee's

Bleach00Luver sagt:

Vor 4554 Tage
Thanks for the comment, havent read it until just now, I lost my password. Well its always nice to hear from an anime fan. ^^

darkangel95 sagt:

Vor 4556 Tage
i like your blingee 2 and thanks for the requst

cutie_010_queen sagt:

Vor 4558 Tage
hey lela i like to play basketball to

b_kawaii_jewels sagt:

Vor 4602 Tage
Thank you Lela!! Hello Kitty is awesome!! ^_^
Happy New Year! Have a great weekend! 

conna45 sagt:

Vor 4602 Tage
hi u dont know me but im just sayin hey to everyone peace

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