Hi!! My name is Karen. I'm married to a wonderful man named Jesse. My anniversary is January 20 & my birthday is February 28. I am 43 years old & live in NC. I have been on Blingee for 7 years now and I am more addicted than ever!!
I hope to make friends here with mature people that love to make blingees as much as I do! I love to make jewelry. I love animals, fantasy creatures, and good movies. I love rock & pop music from the 80's all the way up to today. 

MY NEW WEBSITE FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES BEAUTY AND FASHION: www.beautifulfashions.info. Please check it out!! My site has been updated & there are many things to choose from in the fashion store!! I am working for commissions, with links to Avon, Dillard's, and Walmart USA you can get everything you need!! Since I broke my left knee in 2012, I have been permanently disabled so I'm working from home. I need all the help I can get from my friends here in Blingeeland!! Thank you for all of your support!! Love to you all!!
Hugs, Karen

Groups I'm in:

http://blingee.com/group/84299--  (MAGICAL UNICORNS)
http://blingee.com/group/87850 Celebrity Mania


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Summer Girl At The Beach
Summer Girl At The Beach
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Preciousbaby63 sagt:

Vor ungefähr 10 Stunden
This is for you my dear friend. Thank you for always being here for me.I really Cherrish your friendship and your kindness, Love you so much, Hugs Di XOXo


tgrams_shebes sagt:

Vor ungefähr 19 Stunden
possible. The shoulder they pinned and wired together but not sure if it will hold up to his work anymore. Either way he can't go back to his job working the train tracks. So healing prayers are needed and happy thoughts.

tgrams_shebes sagt:

Vor ungefähr 19 Stunden
oh you know those writers! they are going to leave us banging our knees and being mad that Eric is Dead after all, or something miserable like that! the injustice of it all! and Sarah! let's not even go to that beautch!hahahahaha! maybe Eric will drink her and he'll be saved, and he'll save Sookie and they'll finally be together! one can only wish for a little happiness! sigh ****
Dena's partner was in an accident at work and crushed his shoulder and ankle. they don't think saving the foot is

dvegirl sagt:

Vor 3 Tage
Hay can you join my new club called quotes :


willgregory7795 sagt:

Vor 4 Tage
hello... the colors I choose for this challenge are pink, silver and gold...
good luck everyone and once again thank you for your votes...have a great day!

anzuip sagt:

Vor 4 Tage
hi karen how are you?
hope all is well and you are having a wonderful weekend.

when there is time, can you tell some pdb group members about the text challenge? is it possible?
charu rappel, stina.scott, mousey, SHAKENBAKE32, kaykitty727, campertraveler

that would be lovely amazing =)
big hug

anzuip sagt:

Vor 4 Tage
hi hello good morning.
the pdb group has a new text challenge.
hope to see you there. =)


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