JM Child of God

I am a 49yr old woman,
My husband and I bought a travel trailer and ran away from
home in October.
We have been to Las Vegas, Morro Bay, Disneyland, The San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, and we are currently in Desert Hot Springs Ca. soaking in their world famous Hot Springs.
Our ultimate destination is Mexico, for Semana Santa which is Holy Week.
My husband and I have numerous medical problems, and we decided to make the most of every minute, hour, day, week, month that the good Lord gives us. We didn't want to sit at home waiting for the ambulance to come.
We have a to share our adventures,
scripture, and love with others, especially those who cannot travel for medical reasons or financial reasons.
We have been extremely blessed, and wish to share the hope, peace, joy, and love the good Lord has brought to our lives.
We are travelling with our beautiful keeshond Mikayla.
Well, time has passed, I am now 50 and we are back home. So many wonderful adventures since I last posted. We did do Semana Santa in Mexico,  I bow to the mexican people, I have never met a friendlier and more faithful people than these. My husband and I were the only gringos, our spanish was terrible and their english was just as bad, but love and laughter are universal, we managed to communicate. These people had so little and yet they shared what they had, what a tribute to our Lord and Savior, on Holy Week. The Virgin Mary, was painted on many mountain faces, with stairways leading up so people can worship, miles of stairs, no easy climb. They call her Guadalupe. I am mobility limited and young people who spoke no english, would just walk up and carry my groceries to the car and help load them. Even people going as far as to stop traffic so I could cross the street. We have amazing photos and scripture on our website
We also have a new family member, a little boy keeshond, named Maximillian. Check out my pet blingee of him and my baby girl, Mikayla. Where are we off to next? Wherever the good Lord sends us. It is good to be back with my beautiful grandsons, a blingee of them coming soon. UPDATE: I am so sorry I haven't been able to respond to your wonderful comments, On Wednesday Aug 12th, I was hospitalized with a bad lung infection, I was just released late today. I am home and I have read your gracious comments. I am so glad you enjoyed some of my new blingees. Well, I am a little tired and weak so for now I'll just say, God Bless


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Natural Enemies or Best Friends ?
Natural Enemies or Best Friends ?
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Keesuelvr sagt:

Vor 3599 Tage
Hello! I Haven't Talked To You In A While, So I Wanted To Say Hi! I Just Looked At Your Blingees And They Are Beautiful!

kimmykatt102366 sagt:

Vor 3601 Tage
It is MY pleasure!
Happy to have YOU as a friend!
Special hugs for you:xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

kimmykatt102366 sagt:

Vor 3602 Tage
A prayer for protection for you and your husband on your adventures:;offset=10&content=Glitter-Graphics

unicorncrystal sagt:

Vor 3617 Tage
hi i will rate a bunch of your blingees 5 stars if you send me a blingee gift!

Keesuelvr sagt:

Vor 3628 Tage
yeah, she copied two of my blingees. shes okay but never trust her with somthing special. we wer good friends at a time, but not now, wer okay friends now.

Keesuelvr sagt:

Vor 3628 Tage
well, whoever doesnt think ur cool is crazy! i think ur like awsome, and sweet, and nice. 

Keesuelvr sagt:

Vor 3628 Tage
hey i just read ur profile and it is amazing! so cool! u must be a very cool person! :)

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