Gruppen von HikariFayPikachu

  • ♥Pokemon is my life!♥

    ♥Pokemon is my ...

    132 Members

    Alle die keine Pokefolge verpassen.... sind hier sooo was von richtig! Alle die gerne i...

  • Eevee!


    363 Members


  • pokemon girls!

    pokemon girls!

    475 Members


  • Baby animals club

    Baby animals club

    35 Members

    If u like baby animals of all kind be in this group!

  • I love animals, amor a los animales

    I love animals,...

    239 Members

    Esta establecido que se puede colocar en este grupo cualquier blingee, pero que content...

  • Iris Group :)

    Iris Group :)

    5 Members

    They didn't have a group for the newest pokemon girl yet and I still think people like ...

  • <3 Fan Hikari <3

    <3 Fan Hikar...

    13 Members

    J'aime beaucoup les Pokémons, et surtout Aurore =) ! Si vous aussi vous aimez bien ce p...

  • ♥☆♥Dawn Fans Club♥☆♥

    ♥☆♥Dawn Fans Cl...

    42 Members

    good! welcome! to all fans of Hikari pokemon and this be the group where fans of th...

  • =^.^= Eeveeloutions freaks=^.^=

    =^.^= Eeveelout...

    9 Members

    any one that likes glaceon,leafeon,espeon,umbereon,flareon,vaporeon,and jolteon

  • ♥☆♥♫~мαу/нαяυкα ƒαηѕ Cℓυb~♪♥☆♥


    19 Members

    Welcome to the fan club pokemon May This is the official group of May of pokemon Me for...

  • The Pikachu Club

    The Pikachu Club

    77 Members

    this is the pikachu club!!!!!!!! it is fun and awsome and we can talk about all of our ...

  • Pokefriends


    11 Members

    A group about Pokemon!

  • ♥Pokemon♥


    13 Members

    Join this group if you like pokemon! Gotta Catch Them All!!

  • eeveepoke


    18 Members

    a grope that loves pokemon and eevee. u will like it of u suport pokeshipping or Ikar...

  • Dragon Lovers!

    Dragon Lovers!

    10 Members

    Hey, Join my group if u love dragons!!!

  • The Mistical Animal Lovers Group

    The Mistical An...

    42 Members

    If you like mistical animals such as unicorns, dragons, or something like that join are...

  • Cats Rule~~~~  =)

    Cats Rule~~~~ =)

    173 Members

    This Group is For ALL!! Cat Lovers Hope You Like It~!!

  • Cats and dogs fan

    Cats and dogs fan

    84 Members

    I love the dogs and cats...♥♥♥

  • hearts and flowers

    hearts and flowers

    83 Members

    this group is for Blingees made of hearts, flowers or both.

  • Rainbow blingee's

    Rainbow blingee's

    11 Members

    just make a blingee with color's and then its called a rainbow blingee...please join

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