Me. read if you care.

WHY IS EVERYONE SO PINK, if you can change of the colors of the sidding and stuff PLEASE leave me a msg, i mean yeah pink is pretty in all but guys get on this to and how many guys do you know like pink? :D   

 Ok First thing ya need to know about me is I have a slight attidude if you be mean to me, I will not hesitate to say somomething back or report ya. If you respect me I will respect you. :D
    Ok next thing you need to know about me is I believe in one God I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it if you don't like it to bad. :)

   Don't be thinkn' that I have a mean personality or anything, for I can be your best friend, who you can tell anything to and trust. Or I can be someone who haunts ya in your dreams at night. :) BUT even if someone backstabs me I will not tell your secrets if you tell mine. I have trust issues and if I can trust you, I could open up a whole new world for you. 

   I'm a poet and have one published and I'm working on three different books, if I get to trust ya you'll see inside my mind, inside my world to how I think, and how creative I really am.

   My favorite color is black, I ain't emo I'm not depressed or anything, just talk to me and you will see.
    Everything about me comes back to trust, if ya hurt me you will never have a chance for my trust again. I don't get offended very easy and I can tell a joke from the truth. If I'm not sure I'll normaly put a ? or a what. 

   I basicly have my own language I know English, some Spanish and I'm in French 1 atm(at the moment). My friend is teaching me Japanese. Don't speek in anything but English please and thanks

   Hope we can be good friends, feel free to leave me a message, I'd love to get to know ya. :D



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Snow Girl
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DayDreamingFa... sagt:

Vor 3656 Tage
1st Competition in
        ♥♥ I - love - angels ♥♥ Group!

dmg1953 sagt:

Vor 3684 Tage
Thank you very much

DayDreamingFa... sagt:

Vor 3868 Tage
Happy Easter My Friend.:)

valeriasilver sagt:

Vor 3874 Tage
thank you so much for your comment have a great weekend :)

DayDreamingFa... sagt:

Vor 3875 Tage
Welcome in Angel Group! :)

Have a great day:)

DayDreamingFa... sagt:

Vor 3887 Tage
Hi! I created new group.It's about angels. Perpahs you'd like to join.

Have a great weekend.:)

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