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Welcome to my Blingee page. Please feel free to Rate them. 
I am Married With 3 Beautiful Children and we live in the UK (England).
We Enjoy Cricket and Freestyle Dancing! My Daughter's Dance in Freestyle and Hip Hop Competitions regular.
My Son and youngest (Baby Boy) is the UK's No. 1 WIGGLES Fan!!! In fact we all Love The Wiggles lol.
Happy Blingee Making!! 
Gina x x x


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Ellisha x
Ice Cream Summer!!
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swtjade sagt:

Vor 479 Tage
If you ever do come back to blingee please add me back. I was removing some people who I haven't seen online for a long time. Hope everything is okay.. take care 

swtjade sagt:

Vor 2884 Tage
Merry Christmas!!

maddicomputes sagt:

Vor 2950 Tage
We always miss you!

You are one of my star friends!

A little gift for you!

Joycieoh sagt:

Vor 3454 Tage
oh my  gosh  hello  Gina  long  time  no  great to  hear from  u!!! How r  u doing  my friend? I know  u  keep so  busy with 3  kids  & all but always so  nice  hearing  from  u, & missed  u so  much!!! how r  the  girls  doing  with  their  dancing? I bet  they  keep  winning top awards!!! Please fill  me  in when  u can  find the  time♥♥♥  

tfm448 sagt:

Vor 3535 Tage

Joycieoh sagt:

Vor 3615 Tage
Hope  you  have a wonderful Holiday

maddicomputes sagt:

Vor 3655 Tage
To my faithful friends who have stood by me through my trials and surgery, thank you so much. I promise I will be back in the saddle and will be commenting, rating and voting very soon! Tomorrow if I feel better!

Here is a Blingee that will explain my surgery and my beginnings of recuperation: 

PinkyBecky sagt:

Vor 3680 Tage
Hello! How are you?

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