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There's really nothing i want to say about myself so if your a girl and want to kno something about me...feel free to ask.

I'M MARRIED and i have a daughter who was born June 27th, 2004.

May 31, 2008- 7:43pm:   So0o0 i thought i should write a lil more about myself.... 
*I am addicted to, If u wanna send me a friend request you find me just type in FederGirl. *my favorite colors are baby blue and black. 

*I've got 7 tattoos--i got 2 tattoos on my right leg, i have two tattoos on my lower back and spine..i also have a tattoo of a fairy on my shoulder blade, i have a ladybug on my other shoulderjoint and three stars on my wrist which are bably blue, pink and purple. 

*Both my ears are gauged. My left ear is 00G and my right ear is 1/2inch. i also have 6 other earrings on my ears. four on the left and two on the right. 

*Not only am i a wife and mother but i am a student as well. I should graduate by next summer and i plan on helping pregnant adolescent girls. i am studying Human Services right now. My GPA is a 3.0 and i can't believe it!!! School is not one of my strong points. 

*I am a huge animal lover. i do not care what it is weither it be a rodent, dog, cat..etc....i love them all. Speaking of animals...for pets i have two ball pythons and i have two guinea pigs. My guinea pigs names are Walter and FuzzyWuzzy. My best friend named Walter and my daughter Leah named FuzzyWuzzy. Guinea pigs are great pets and i've become an expert so if you've got any questions, plz feel free to ask me.

*As for music..i love everything from country to rock in roll, even rap, hip hop, opera. Music is my life and i love to sing and dance. I can't sing really good but i enjoy it all the same. LOL!!! Some types of bands, solo artists i listen to are...

-Rascal Flatts
-Keith Urban
-Micheal Jackson
-Three Doors Down
-Panic At The Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-Rob Zombie
-Five Finger Death Punch
-Travis Tritt
-Chris Daughtry
-Avril Lavine

*i want to write more but i g2g and so i will write more when i have the chance..Love, Peace out and Rock On!!


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simonlover102 sagt:

Vor 3569 Tage
chip and dale Are SOO CUTEEE <3 :3

lovegee sagt:

Vor 4087 Tage
HEY,You know how stamps are made that move? Tell me please

kikka_christi... sagt:

Vor 4176 Tage
HEY...I LOVE YOUR BLINGEES AND STAMP!!!!!!^.^ ... my name is federica and i live in italy (udine) ... byebye kiss°°

suzzieall sagt:

Vor 4211 Tage
Not Problem 
Whats your name?

Xxpancake sagt:

Vor 4266 Tage
ello..i'm nicole..
what's up? ;D

juliana399 sagt:

Vor 4274 Tage
hey watz up diz juliana tellin u that i got a group called THE GIRLS AND BOYS GOTHIC GROUP if u wana join feel free to do so yhanks and much gothic love

Love_Lauren sagt:

Vor 4283 Tage
Lol. Heyy!

wkdemily sagt:

Vor 4288 Tage
im closin my account bubi

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