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My page is private. Just chosen people are on my friends list.


For the Twins…
I am very sorry if I had hurt your heart. I didn’t meant to. I want to genuine apologize for that. It is not your fault, that you're not the ones, I thought you are. It is not your fault that your bosses dealt ill with us all. 
Bear that in mind!!! It is your life, it is your body! No one else have to command you, what you have to do! You have the right *same anybody else in this world* to be happy and healthy; to love and be beloved; to do what makes fun to you! All this you will realize thereon, when you feel like a tingle in your chest, as if your heart feels like would exploding inside and a big smile on your face like magical appears.
I am wishing you all the best in life! 

♥your Cissy

25.06.2013 WARNING!!!
So..."falloutgirl76" is erased on my friends list. She rated me down because she thought, I rated her down.
Be careful if you have this person on your friends list, likewise she could rating you down!!!

10. May:
I am so very weary of...I give comments and rates, again and again, but not a simple "thank you" comes back. Is that too much to ask for? Do you know this? 
If someone commented my creations I write back! 
Everyone wants a little bit respect and politeness, you too, right?
So don't hate me for I erased you, it's up to you alone!

Such a kind of friends nobody needs...


Please, tell me your birthday friend!

Give love to our earth:

See my creation and stick together!


Kiss my 
•*´¨`*• owl

  ¸.•´¸.•´¨)   ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´     (¸.•´  .•´¸¸.•´` 

()"""() @
( '(;)' ) @@@
(""),,,("") @@

(\ /)♥ ♥(\ /)
( . .) ♥ (. . )
o(“)(“)(“)(“)o [ℓ.o.v.ε] ❤

  ¸.♥´¸.*´¨)    ¸.•*¨)
(¸.*´       (¸.*ƸӁƷ .*´


You can use my stamps by "Cissykaos"

combined with other words like

ƸӁƷ 1001 Nights ƸӁƷ
1001 Nights, Arabia/ arabian; belly dance, bollywood; Djinn/ Jeannie; India/ indian; oriental

ƸӁƷ Ages & Styles ƸӁƷ
baroque, empire, emo, forties, goth/ gothic; jugendstil, punk, rococo, romanticism; twenties, victorian, vintage
* Pop-Art, Lichtenstein

ƸӁƷ Animals ƸӁƷ
bear; bee/ bees; bunny; butterfly/ butterflies; cat/ cats; cockatoo/ cockatoos; colibri; dog; dove/ doves; eagle; flamingo/ flamingos/ flamingoes; frog, hedgehog; king cobra, kitten; ladybird/ ladybirds; ladybug/ ladybugs; mouse; parrot/ parrots; ravens, sheep; snail/ snails; snake, spider, spiderweb, sport, squirrel, teddy, wolf

ƸӁƷ Cartoons ƸӁƷ
BETTY BOOP: angel, baby, background, bathing, Bimbo the cat, biker betty, blowing kiss, button, car, carnival, classic, cowgirl, dancing, dress, face, fairy, flowers, frame, friends, fruit, glass, globe, gothic, home, job, kisses, letter, lingerie, logo, love, Marilyn Monroe, Pudgy, ROCK N ROLL, room, showgirl, sisters, sport, toy, vacation, vehicle, wink
*bear, bird, butterfly, cat, dog, duck, penguin, snake, spider, unicorn
*birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mothers Day, New Year, St. Patricks Day
*bugs bunny, pink panther, king kong


ƸӁƷ Children ƸӁƷ
baby/ babies; boy; child/ children; crib; girl/ girls; school, sibling, sisters, twins

ƸӁƷ Colors ƸӁƷ
black, blue, brown, colorful, gold, green, pink, purple, red, silver, white, yellow

ƸӁƷ Dance Style & Dancers ƸӁƷ
ballerina, ballet, burlesque, character dance; dancer/dancers; flamenco, hula, lambada, salsa, tango, waltz

ƸӁƷ Flowers ƸӁƷ
flower/ flowers; lotus, orchid; rose/ roses; sunflower

ƸӁƷ for the ladies ƸӁƷ
bag, bracelet, brilliant, crown; crystal/ crystals; diamond/ diamonds; fan, hat, jewelry, lipstick; makeup/ make-up; mirror, necklace; pearl/ pearls; perfume; shoe/ shoes; umbrella

ƸӁƷ (holiday) seasons ƸӁƷ
Christmas: Santa
Earth Day
Fathers Day
Mothers day
New Year/ Silvester
St. Patricks Day: clover/ clovers; luck

* autumn/ fall, spring, summer, winter

ƸӁƷ Lovers ƸӁƷ
couple, french-kiss, hands, lovers, (lust, passion, desire, sexy), sleeping, SOULMATES, trust, wedding

ƸӁƷ Movies & Prominent People ƸӁƷ
* Catwoman, Cry Baby, Dirty Dancing, Gone With The Wind, Romeo Juliet
* Amy Locane, Britney Spears, Jennifer Grey, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Patrick Swayze, Pink, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, Winona Ryder
* Vintage: Audrey Hapburn, Camilla Horn, Clark Gable, Cleopatra, Joyce Compton, June Lang, Madeleine Carroll, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Marie Luise Herting, Mata Hari, Meg Lemonnier, Shirley Temple, Vivien Leigh

Many pics of vintage prominent people:

ƸӁƷ People ƸӁƷ
* Asian, Arabian, Hawaiian, Indian; lady/ ladies; latina, morena; woman/women 
* black-haired, blond, blue-haired, brown-haired, green-haired, purple-haired, redhead, white-haired
* face; eye/eyes; lips, hand/ hands; foot/ feet

* biker: motorcycle/ motorbike 
* cowboy, cowgirl: howdy
* pirate/ pirates: flag, treasure chest

clef, contrabass, crazy frog, DJ, drum, drums, french horn, guitar, harp, jukebox, microphone, music, music instruments, music note, notes, pan flut, piano, radio, rattles, trumpet, violin, xylophone

ƸӁƷ Religion & Witches & Magic ƸӁƷ
bible/ bibel; book/books; black cat, broom, cauldron, cross, crystal ball, elixir, goblet, healing energy, heaven, heavenly, hexagram, hourglass, Luna, magican, magic crystal, magic cube, magic wand, meditation, Merlin, moon, pentagram, phial, praying, spell, tarot cards, triskel, witch, witches hat, yin & yang, zodiac signs
* Egypt: ankh, Anubis, Bastet, Cleopatra, Isis, Nofretete, scarab, pyramid/ pyramids
* Hinduism: buddha, God Brahma, Goddess Kali, Goddes Parvati, Goddess Radha, Goddess Saraswati, God Ganesh, God Krishna, God Shiva, hindu, hinduism, india, reiki

* Fairy-Tales: Cinderella, fairy-tale/ fairy-tales, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel

ƸӁƷ Sweets & Candies ƸӁƷ
candy/ candies, ice cream; lollipop/ lollipops; sweets

The next time I will upload almost all my stamps I collected for years.
Because when we will leave our earth one day and have to go without materials, the internet will still exist, right? :-D

Enjoy my stamps!

"Secret love"
If you dam your love to someone deep inside, you get sick to death...and you'll lose yourself...

Be a butterfly, flying full of love. No evil can hurt you not any longer!

 ƸӁƷ ♥Home is where your heart is♥ ƸӁƷ

ƸӁƷ Freedom ƸӁƷ
ƸӁƷ Eternity ƸӁƷ
 ƸӁƷ Family ƸӁƷ 


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Happiness is a very fragile thing
Happiness is a very fragile thing
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1oooVoтeTнαnks sagt:

Vor 2699 Tage
okay ?
if you want....
now i make a new Blingees and maybe
i have to go.....
for now i don't know...

1oooVoтeTнαnks sagt:

Vor 2699 Tage
well friend ;)
ldo you like my new stamps ? :)
Chat In My Blingee
Chat With All Friends
Than You !!
Not Chat In My Phofile...
Please !

1oooVoтeTнαnks sagt:

Vor 2699 Tage
Hi well ;)
look if you want....
i have many new stamps :D that you can use for your Blingee :) from Mike :)

m.believer sagt:

Vor 2817 Tage



radicequadrat... sagt:

Vor 2846 Tage
Thanks Cissy :)
I hope you'll find again happiness :)
hugs Radice

radicequadrat... sagt:

Vor 2847 Tage
ok, I take you're living a tough period. I'm sad for you :(
well, my life is actually quite good at the know, it's summer, so no school, no homework.. :)

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