Although The Distance Is Daring;; We Both Know How To Drive..<3- Dare4Distance

~*Weekly WTF Update*~
Okay;; WTF. Why do parents always pull the "I'm an adult and I said so" card? I hate that, I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I don't need someone standing over my shoulder questioning me and blaming me for everything! Thats all I wanna say, TTFN!
Lauren√ Von √ Labotamy <3

Hey, im Lauren =) My nicknames are Blaze or Lauren Von Labotamy..
Im me, and thats the only person i want to be. I rather be friends with everyone instead of being in one of those clicks. And sometimes i'm a little nerdy. I don't care what you think about me, mostly because i don't desire your opinion on who i should be. I have good friends who don't judge me.

 Sometimes they don't like the way i mix things up, like, "preppy" with "emo", but its their problem. Im surprisingly really nice, and i love to make jokes.  Don't start a fight with me, if you do, your not worth my time. Your cussing and virtual bullying doesn't effect me in the slightest, sorry. I can't stand posuers, don't waste my time trying to tell me your someone your not; Im funny, not retarded. I see through peoples acts easily. Im a good friend, so you can trust me. I'm a christian. I've been a christian since I was 9 && I was baptized when I turned 11. 

Thats all for now <3

EmmiE- we're gonna be best friends for a long time. no matter how many times we have to try. Your like the sister I should have gotten XD

S,(Niki)- She's my gorgeous bestie, and even though we fight like crazy we always find a way out of crap like that.

Ashley Elizabeth- She's my country bumpkin of LouieVille! She's the bench warmer of the girls basket ball team.. way to keep those benches toasty ash! 

Deanna Grace- She's so sweet and she never starts drama with me. Im so grateful for her.

Zack Daniels- He's lived on my street since we were like, 3 and so far you've made my life a living hell.. but i love ya ;D To crazy for your own good..

Christain Rossback- My best friend since 2nd grade. I remember when she walked through the door with her freckles invading my space. So talkative, yet the perfect best friend :)

Tyler J- Annoying, space invader, and fun to pick on :D
never forget the waterballoon prank in the winter :D
you froze your butt off XD!

Kevin K- Best buddy, and so fun to annoy!!

Breeze- Your so sweet, im glad we made friends!

Misa-Misa(Katie)- Your funny and nice, im happy we're friends ^_^
Favorite Bands ☺
mayday Parade
All Time Low
We the kings
the rocket summer
new found glory
the acadamey is..
fall out boy
calvary kids
hey monday
the maine
jack's mannequin
The Scene Aesthetic
Panic! At the Disco
My Chemical Romance
All That Remains
The Veronicas 
System of A Down
The Ting Tings
Relient K
Meg 'n' Dia
Hillsong United
Good Charlotte
Three Days Grace
Papa Roach
Black Kids
Billy Talent
Faith No More
Coheed and Cambria
Rise Against
Bullet For My Valentine

Nicknames XD
ninja turtle
power ranger
transformer (we have a strange love of action figures)
Locker face ( i ran into a locker, face first..)
jim the dino [I know, WTF? But still]
Deeno Dino
Talk to me and Add me XD
i love making friends =]

....../ `---___________----___|] ♥
...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______ __.:| ♥.
.....), ---.(_(__) / ♥
....// (..) ),.----"
...//___// live each day .. 
..//___// as if it were your last

The Burden,
Why must I carry the burden of the heart, 
I just don't understand it.
Its so heavy and hard, 
But it feels so warm and like a childs smile,
Its full of joy and happiness,
Why must I carry the burden of the heart,
because the heart
must be carried in order to survive.   
I must carry the burden of the heart,
But the burden is worth the time. 

The author of this pretty poem here!

I've never told a lie, and that makes me a lier, I've never made a bet but we gamble with desire, i've never lit a match with intent to start a fire~ Jasey Rae- All Time Low


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I'll Always Be There
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KitttyKat101 sagt:

Vor 3997 Tage
hey long time no see

MagicalAlexa sagt:

Vor 4023 Tage
I got them (the glasses) at Hot Topic but you can find them there, Claire's and Debs :)

3MOAnime00 sagt:

Vor 4094 Tage
Im not sure if you knew her or even talked to her but Please read the profile


silvermoon_1996 sagt:

Vor 4115 Tage
plz send dis 2 as many ppl as possible. we hav to show dem we care

KitttyKat101 sagt:

Vor 4116 Tage

maddie8227 sagt:

Vor 4138 Tage
lots of drama...
just lots of jealous girls out there.!

KitttyKat101 sagt:

Vor 4140 Tage
i kno..of corse i'm not..


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