All me and only me

Wat up this ya gurl Emani a.k.a Mrs.Blagrove b.k.a The 1 and only Miss_Diva U kno I'm the typical teen (preteen) I luv to shop and be me My dad works for one of Bill Gates companies so I got bank I live in Milwaukee but born in Chicago (Chi-Town) I luv to kickit with friends at *BuTlEr* (skatin rink) I have many friends I do have a school sweetheart named Jelani (and yes our names do rhyme) I have 2 sisters (step sisters) before they mom married my dad (exclusive) I was the only child but I am still a BOSS a.k.a H.B.I.C I and only I run the show so all haterz step down (and oh yes I do shit on my haterz) and one last thing I am me and nobody else Emani Simone Noel Faith Williams (Blagrove) 
                      ~ Yeadigg ~


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