Beware of The Teddy Bear That Eats You

Under Co

Made a group for gamers! please join!

I love these people! <3

Gifts from OdinsLight

Gifts from LunarianRaven

Warning!!!! - ish Yaoi fan <3


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cloυd ѕтrιғe х aerιтн gaιnѕвoroυgн ғor lυnarιanraven
~ĸιѕѕ мe вaвy ι'м crazy ғor yoυ~  мaѕaмυne х yυĸιмυra (ѕengoĸυ вaѕara)
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cuteblaze sagt:

Vor 2895 days
hi how are you

LunarianRaven sagt:

Vor 2906 days
I see the contest is a hit! 
Nice theme I hate summer though lol

Pixytta sagt:

Vor 2932 days
ur so welcome,i enjoy watching them, there so awesome...especially u! TY 4 making my silly rabbid bling as gamers icon,hope they can takeover blingee LOL have a great week!! SYS!

LunarianRaven sagt:

Vor 2932 days
Oh & thanks for all the comments & no I don't mind taking care of the group for you.

LunarianRaven sagt:

Vor 2932 days
Pyrrha is so freaking whiny if she were more like Sophitia or Cassandra I probably would like her more, as you know I hate whiny characters like her.

kassiani777 sagt:

Vor 2933 days
Join join to my group and add all your blingees od Soul Calibur!!!

Pixytta sagt:

Vor 2936 days
 Want to join?
This group focuses on all things entertainment:  Movies, Celebrities, Music, TV, Comics (D.C. Comics, Marvel or Manga) Video Games, Books, Cultural icons, Internet phenomena... any mass media topics! Please read page info
TY! Have a great weekend!

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