Qui suis-je ? Who am I ?


Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis Céline, j'ai 16ans et quand j'ai créé ce compte, j'étais fan de Miley Cyrus, des Jonas Brothers, de Selena Gomez et de Demi Lovato. Maintenant, je les écoute toujours mais rarement. Aujourd'hui j'ai changé. Mes goûts sont éclectiques et j'écoute de tout.

Une des musiques que je préfère : "Fly" de Ludovic Einaudi, apparue dans le film "Intouchables".

J'écoute aussi, par exemple, Paramore ♥, Nightwish, Manu Chao, The All American Rejects, ABBA, BlutEngel ♥, Agonoize, Atreyu ♥, Empire Of The Sun, Incubus, Oldelaf & Monsieur D, Matmatah, Linkin Park, Iosys, Mika, Muse, Placebo, Miku Hatsune, Damien Saez ♥, Tryo...
Je commence aussi à écouter des musiques japonaises et  j'apprends d'ailleurs cette langue dans mon lycée. ( Watashi wa Yuko desu ! Je suis Yuko ! [c'est mon surnom pour le cours de japonais] )


Hello everybody. I'm Céline, I'm 16 and when I created this account, I was fond of Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Now, I still listen to them but rarely.
Now, I've changed. My tastes are eclectic, I listen to... Nearly all musics.

One of the musics I prefer : "Fly" by Ludovic Einaudi, you can hear it in the movie "Intouchables".

But I listen, for example, (go to see higher all the musics I told ! From "Paramore ♥, Nightwish..." to "Damien Saez ♥, Tryo...")

And now, I begin to listen japenese music too and I learn this language in my high school. ( Watashi wa Yuko desu ! I am Yuko ! [this is my nickname for the japenese class] )


---\/---`♪.Put this guitar on your
---[]--- page if you have a 
---[]--- love for music×♫×

Voici ma meilleure amie en vrai :
This is my best friend in real : 


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Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
and thx you <3

and good luck for you and you boyfriend :)

if your boyfriend feast is (So in relationship status) :D ;)

Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3183 Tage
chatting, friends, flirting with boys -> understand nothing wrong, photos making, call with my friends, blingee's making, music listing and sometimes cooking and baking (but just rarely) :)

and i have new Acc.. 

you can adding me :*

love greeting friend^^ 

Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3186 Tage
yes correct :D

mhmm.. i mean: what's up in your live?^^

what are your hobbies and so? ;)

and i wish you a healthy happy new year 2012 :)

and blingee nor since to! :)

-> http://blingee.com/blingee /view/127470603 <-

Love Greeting and sry again because of my english >.<

-><><><><><><>* Mariksbaby09 ♥

Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3186 Tage
thx, is very nice from you :)

yes, i'm fine too^^

what make you?^^


Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3187 Tage
cool, i'm happy :)

then we have what common thing! :D

how are u?^^

and sry once again because of my bad english :/ :)

I turn learn -> English <- 

Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3187 Tage
no, i make this so:

I write this later when I got a new account in my profile for all to see it is and your's can then new adding me.

:) I hope you understand me!

hehe, i come from germany :D
and my english is'n so correct to writting. >.< i'm sry. :/

Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3187 Tage
my english isn't correct so*


Mariksbaby09 sagt:

Vor 3187 Tage
hey, no you have me adding ;)

and yes correct.. I want to make a new account and the old account, i come not on. 

now understood? :) ;)

Love greeting from ME <3 ^^

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