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=.*.~Midna for Smash!~.*.=
=.*.~Toon Zelda / Tetra for Smash!~.*.=
Usurper Kings need love too..
=.*.~If You Love Something, Fight for It! Part 2~.*.=
=.*.~If You Love Something, Fight for It!~.*.=
=.*.~To Be Some Kind of Hero~.*.=
=.*.~We'll Wish This Never Ended...~.*.=
~You are My Life, My Heart, and My Love, Though You Don't Love Me...~
^w^-My 3 Zelda Plushies-^w^
~{✴} нαρρу ηєω уєαя му ƒяιєη∂ѕ {✴}~

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