who needs a prince when you can have a vampire

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who needs a title
Go Road Dogs!
And when you smile, the whole world stops! (For Sabrina!)
You can tell me Anything
You Can Have Me
Kagome - Only you can bring me back to life .. Inuyasha!
Green- When You Plant A Seed God Will Multipy The harvest ((alwaysanangel69))©®
Joyeux Anniversaire Inès!!!
⋆Who needs a Valentine. When you have a Best Friend⋆ [[Aniese]]
Tears~No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & The One Who Is Won't Make You Cry <3
A Sylvester Silver Happy New Years 2013~For "ALL" My Friends May You ALL Have Manyu Blessings In The Upcoming New Year<3
Someone I Love With All My Heart Needs A Cure~Anorexia/Bulimia Awareness