what to look for in a girl

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Before You Assume Anything...
And Yet the Memories Don't Fade
If God is a DJ, Life Is A Dance Floor
↔××>Ϫ<««ωноа ѳн!~, ωωhϪ dϭ Ϊ puҭ мұѕзlf iй ҭнєϧε !ϕ?SITUATIONS!ϕ?>Ϫ<×׫↔«♥♥♫♪рiєггз◊●◘◙
It's time for you to sleep...
anime manga (liar x liar - Minato)
~*~ Oren Ishi ~*~  .........Kill Bill  ;)
Playing With Fire
I stand up for myself
vαlεm sτοrψ: chαptєr σnє
When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside?
Elizabeth is back!!!!