selena miley and demi

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thi is me omg!! selena gomez and bebe.seli
selena,miley and demi♥
Miley and Selena < purple > < ♥ > demi_lovato770
selena, miley, demi and taylor
Selly got Miley ....... and I got Maria !!!!!
♥Best Friends♥ ░ Miley, Selena and Demi ░  Original by ♥♫-Lenii-♫♥
MilEy In pInK AnD gReEn!!
Me and Paula < Miley and Selena > < pink > demi_lovato770
Rocking Miley for my BFFL´s Melissa !!! ♥
Miley for my Bestie Melissa ♥♥♥
Miley for Becca ♥
selena green and light blue