only you can have me

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I give you my heart, because only you can melt it. Let yourself be enchanted, enchanting as you have me.
"Lord Undo Me"
You're Killin' Me ♥ xD {ANOTHER 10-11-11 BLINGEE? WTF I KNOW!}
you're so far away from me, but really deep inside me, can not be without you ... I have only one thought, you...
I Can Only Be Me
If Only In My Dreams
You left your words...this is again for you, only you!
Love the way you lie...
To Where You Are..Dedicated to my mom
There Will Always Be One Year Of Your Life That You Look Back To, Wishing You Could Live It Again - 2009 - Elarn03
only Meridian in my head... ;D
This Is What Your Heart Looks Like When You Lose Your Best Friend