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A gothic Nina...♥♥♥.Original by Oº°‘¨ ዠippվርዠiርk33 ¨‘°ºO.
Poetic Cat: WARNING by Jenny Joseph
* { Klaus & Caroline } * I intend to be your last love however long it takes *
10 things i hate about you
I'm still lost...
I love you Nick!!! <333
I Love My Little Brother -Elarn -- I Love My Big Sister -Khinan -- Best Friends - Elarn03
I'm What They Call An Enemy - Elarn03
I Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight
i walk this lonely.....
The Cullens first White Christmas...♥♥♥.Original by Oº°‘¨ ዠippվርዠiርk33 ¨‘°ºO..,
     Challenges »  vampires "I'll pick you up at midnight"+++ " Ich hole dich um Mitternacht "