ii choose my waii deal w dha coonsequencesz♥ my chooii

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Kamui Shiro : I am the only one able to choose my destiny, and the world
ii MiiSsinG mY LoveR
II and my love
FrEe To ChOoSe To SeE tHe SiGn
..Miley CyRus... --> iiN YellOw
NanZii + iiLee + KaTy = BffazZ 4reVer
[If You Asked Me For My Heart, There's no way I'd Say Nooo♥]
Advent II Challenge - My Entry #1 -Floral Candles
ii nD my deluXxe AbF
Advent II Challenge - My Entry #II - Glittery Joy TsumTsum
dont ya wanna learn 2 deal w/fear
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