i hope you like it

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You are always in my heart (For all who wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday/Para los que me felicitaron ayer)!
I wish you a «Happy New Year«...!
I look at you and I see an Angel....
"Kagome i love you" say Inuyasha
I Love You Aunty Lee-Lee - For You My Beautiful Aunty - Elarn03
For My Diamond.♥ : Happy (belated) Birthday !! :D * { Nina Dobrev } When it's you I'm dreaming of I don't wanna wake up *
"I love you to" says Kagome
It's only Rock n' Roll... but I like it!
I look at you and I see an Angel!
* For Sabrina♥ !! :D * { Stefan & Elena } * I'll be with you FOREVER *
Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! (for Susi)
LuCy [I remember you...]