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    Alpha and Omega...

    2 Members

    I <3 AAO!iam lilly from it....anyways...u can rp on this!u can b a character from the m...

  • ♥Movie Magic♥

    ♥Movie Magic♥

    59 Members

    This site you can add anything you wish, everyone is welcome to join this group!!!!♥♥ G...

  • ssǝupɐW ɐıpǝW

    ssǝupɐW ɐıpǝW

    58 Members

    Media Madness aka MM~ PLEASE READ PAGE INFO, TY! ♥ >^.^< ♥

  • Cats and Dogs 2:The Revenge of Kitty Galore Fans

    Cats and Dogs 2...

    3 Members

    This is a group for anyone who is a fan of Cats and Dogs 2:The Revenge of Kitty Galore....

  • ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾Blingee Land Group✾◕ ‿ ◕✾  

    ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾Blingee ...

    113 Members

    Here you can display your creative blingee artworks, monthly icon contests & converse w...

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    My Babysitter's...

    1 Members

    This is a group for anyone who likes My Babysitter's A Vampire the movie or series.

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    All Your Favori...

    1 Members

    If you have your favorite movie(s)? Then, join this group. Put your movie blingees here.

  • Disney Classical Movie Lovers

    Disney Classica...

    4 Members

    This is a group for people who love movies made by Disney like the Lion King, Bambi, Ar...

  • Ciαcк.. Si Giяα!

    Ciαcк.. Si Giяα!

    33 Members

    Se anche tu ami i film, il cinema, e i popcorn.. Che aspetti?! ISCRIVITI ;)

  • The Outsiders

    The Outsiders

    1 Members

    For people who love the outsiders! :3

  • FilmBuffs


    2 Members

    Movie lovers unite! It doesn't matter if you're a die-hard cinephile or just a loyal mo...

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    Percy Jackson r...

    1 Members

    OK, it just that I LOVE greig mitology and I like the movie.So...its

  • Percy Jackson Fans!

    Percy Jackson F...

    6 Members

    A new movie!....and an AWESOME series! If you want constant action with great humor spr...

  • *☆ѕтαя'ѕ ωσяℓ∂☆*

    *☆ѕтαя'ѕ ωσяℓ∂☆*

    66 Members


  • Neytiri-AVATAR Fangroup

    Neytiri-AVATAR ...

    242 Members


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    Sherlock Holmes!

    3 Members

    group for anyone who liked the new 2009-2010 Sherlock Holmes or the old and orginal Hol...

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  • disney movie

    disney movie

    7 Members

    all disney including disney channel

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    We like movies

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    5 Members

    New group for everyone who loves the real CATWOMAN, in all her forms, comics, film, t.v...

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