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  • Strσngєr.™


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    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger :3

  • ~ Il cimitero dei libri dimenticati.

    ~ Il cimitero d...

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    I libri. Gli unici oggetti inanimati che riescono ad esprimere molto più di alcune pers...

  • Default_group_image


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    Blingee sur les mangas ! Rejoignez nous !

  • my little pony friendship is magic

    my little pony ...

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    my little pony friendship is magic

  • mlp


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    my little pony friendship is magic

  • pony


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    my little pony friendship is magic

  • dubs


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    check em

  • Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg

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    smoke weed everyday

  • Anon


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    lulz we r leejun

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    ℓα fєℓι¢ιтà è ¢σмє υиα fαяfαℓℓα тяα ℓє мαиι: ѕє ℓα ѕтяιиgι тяσρρσ мυσяє. ѕє ℓα ℓαѕ¢ι ѕє...

  • ×.вє.чoυяѕєʟғ.×


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    Everybody are allowed to join this group. :'D

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    I <3 MANGA/A...

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    just a group for people who love anime!!!

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    Pokemon and Sonic!

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    For all girls, and boys that love either sonic or pokemon or both! I cannot wait to mme...

  • Sтяαиgє Aи∂ Sтяσиg.

    Sтяαиgє Aи∂ Sтя...

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    Sтяαиgє Aи∂ Sтяσиg.

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    draw what ever u want and have fun by winning competitions

  • friends... cosa siamo senza amici??

    friends... cosa...

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    se sei come me , che non riesci a stare senza amici neanche per un secondo....cosa aspe...

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    For me and thal...

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    if u join i shall never com back to this group unless ur my friend if ur my friends wel...

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    All my really good friends that i actually know will be in this group.

  • anime inlove

    anime inlove

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    Do you like anime? I do ofcourse so join! At 5pm through 6pm we roleplay any favorite a...

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    1D-єяƒυℓ :)

    184 Members

    Ti piacciono le carote, odi i cucchiai e sei affetto dalla one direction infection??? ...

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