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    Justin Bieber &...

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    This is just a group for people that support Justin Bieber, and love him. You can't be ...

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    Selena Gomez fa...

    1 Members

    The group for the biggest Selena Gomez fans! No haters plz and ABSOLUTELY NO DEMI LAVAT...


    ♪♫SONIC AND SEG...

    13 Members

    If you love Sonic the Hnd other characters and SEGA this is your group! Fanmade charact...

  • ♥~Anime Luvers~♥

    ♥~Anime Luvers~♥

    18 Members

    This is a fun and amazing group of Anime Lovers!♥ Any anime lovers are allowed :D Enjoy!

  • Taylor Swift Lovers Club

    Taylor Swift Lo...

    4 Members

    Do you LOVE taylor swift? Join the Taylor Swift Lovers Club now! Add all of your Taylor...

  • Panodra Hearts Lovers

    Panodra Hearts ...

    28 Members

    Join if you like/love Pandora Hearts <3

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    animal lovers...

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    i love animals especially cats and dogs and horses and dolphins so i think u get the po...

  • Dog lovers♥

    Dog lovers♥

    69 Members

    If you love Dogs this is the group for you! pleas feel free to join, and add as many d...

  • נυѕтιη вιєвєя ℓσνєяѕ«3

    נυѕтιη вιєвєя ℓ...

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    тнιѕ ιѕ α gяσυρ αвσυт נυѕтιη вιєвєя«3 נσιη ιт:)

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    Lil Lovers

    1 Members

    Livvii made this group respectt bbe red creaming sodaa

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    mj in our hearts

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    michael jackson lovers

  • ▒░ I Love You Forever / Best Forever Friends░▒

    ▒░ I Love You F...

    2 Members

    For those who get the love and friendship is not enough!!!^^

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    <3 pitbull l...

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    if you love bullies join this group! long live the pitbulls!!!!

  • ~* ❤Justin Bieber Lovers ❤*~

    ~* ❤Justin Bieb...

    44 Members

    This group is for fans of Justin Bieber, I got one rule no haters aloud, please & tyuh....

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    Neighorhood Dogs

    1 Members

    This is a happy little neighborhood FULL of dog lovers, and each one has a dog. Be a ne...

  • Horse Crazy Peeps

    Horse Crazy Peeps

    2 Members

    A group for horse crazy people

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    Hold your horses

    1 Members

    This is a group for horselovers. If you love horses feel free to join.

  • Beautiful Mermaids

    Beautiful Mermaids

    6 Members

    This is a group for those people out there who absolutly love Mermaids and believe in t...

  • ♥Pandora Hearts♥

    ♥Pandora Hearts♥

    16 Members

    If you like/love Pandora Hearts join this group! Or if u never heard of it go ahead and...

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