Fifth Contest. (After a long time)

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[[please read everything before you begin!]]

>i'd like to tell you why i haven't made any contests anymore, before i begin.
the thing is, i think you, the old members, know already that this group was dedicated only to sephodora and vincentora. i decided to change this group for my all relationships and also, my destiny kept changing like crazy. in the last month, i've been having a delay with it, but now everything is fine and it's stable. this is why i wanted to start the contests once again.

▸theme: adriadora (stamps:
▸entries: max 3 entries per user.
▸time: i will close the contest when it will be at least 5 people.
•add your blingee in the group so i can put it as icon if you won!
•please use the stamps from the link i gave it to you! if you use other stamps than that, you will be disqualified!

good luck!
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Happy Sunday 
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contest is closed! :)

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