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Lana ilysssssssssm I'm so glad that we're Talking A Lot More You Are My Bestie! I'm So Glad1 IMYSSSSSM People Say That You Meet Friends In Real Life But That's Totally Not True Ily With All My Heart And Soul

Daisy! ilyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssm You Are My Bffae ilysm And We Basically Love All The Same Things Except Rubius (Sorry) But ilyssssm And I Probs Love You More Than YouBella Which I Know How Much You Love Her! XD Ilyssssssm

Veri i love you soooooo much! you are my bestest friend on blingee and i love you soon much your always there when i need you, when nobody else is i feel like could tell you ALL Of my secrets ilyssssssssssssssssssssssssssmmmmmm

Kat OMG I've only been friends with you for like a week or 2 and we're already best friends! ilysssm and you I can talk to about a lot of things I Love You! ♥

Alli ilyssm you have been my friend for forever it feels like! XD You haven't been on lately and I miss you so much I hope you come on soon

Anette ilyssssfm You have been my friend for..... too long I don't even know XD I feel like we talk to each other all the time XD

Awwwr Rebeca your my little awwr ilysm I can't even describe how amazing you are! We also both Like Halsey And Melanie. never Change Girl never Change


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